24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex wave acoustic tiles 12"x12"

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24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex 12"x12"
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A 24 pack Pro-coustix professional acoustic foam tile. Made from high grade Pro-coustix 30Kg/M3 open cell foam featuring a convoluted wave profile, treats medium to high frequency reflections, echoes, reverberation and standing wave problems.

These panels are precisely profiled like no other tiles in this price range also available with a self adhesive backing

Unlike other 12" acoustic tiles these panels have more than two and half times the number of convoluted cones and dips effectively offering twice the reflective surface area of typical 12” tiles. These tiles also boast of over twice the number of cones and dips found in common 15” panels resulting in a reflective surface that is greater than most 15” convoluted tiles.

This focus on increasing the panel’s surface area means these tiles effectively obliterate any high frequency sound waves incident on them by presenting several absorption and deflection surfaces. Further more the increased number of cones present multiple surfaces against which incident sound waves are deflected, creating a diffusion effect which results in a clean crisp sound.

The precise engineering that has gone into these tiles results in a weighted absorption coefficient that is exactly 0.5 which means you can be sure you are not over deading your room improving the overall quality of the audio you capture.

Technical Specifications

Panel size305mm x 305mm x 40mm
Coverage1 pack covers 24ft2 or 2.23M2
Polymer typeOpen cell polyether
ColourDark Grey
ProfileConvoluted (Egg crate)
100+ cones & dips/ ft2
Temperature resistance-30 to + 110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistanceBS4735, UL94-HF1
Self extinguishing FMVSS 302
Max extent burn 60mm

Absorption Coefficient

0.65 @ 1000KHz
0.81 @ 5000KHz


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