Pro-coustix Isotack Removable Foam Mounting Kit 96x Strips Refill

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Isotack double sided adhesive strips medium
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This Kit Consists of 96x Self Adhesive Strips Refill Pack

Before Pro-coustix  introduced Isotack self adhesive strips, there was only one option for sticking foam up onto walls, spray adhesive which is great but will damage your walls when the tiles are removed.

Now acoustic foam mounting is even easier with our damage free Isotack Foam Mounting Kit.

This kit consists of 96x  Isotack self adhesive strips to be used with  our purpose developed activator adhesive which allows you to mount both polyester and polyether foams to virtually any surface.

Isotack self adhesive strips have  a unique patented stretch release technology which allows you to remove the strips from walls without damaging your walls.

Works on acoustic foam tiles, bass traps (305mm), posters and photos and any non fragile items less than 1Kg.


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