Pro-coustix Acoustiflex Professional Fibreglass Bass Trap 100mm

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Acoustiflex Wall Black
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Acoustiflex  Fibre glass bass traps are a professional grade acoustic bass traps that will power through bass nodes in your mixing room, home theatre, studio or listening room.

These high quality panels are made for industrial grade fibreglass with a density of 60K/m3 which is up to twice as dense as domestic fibre glass found in UK stores. This gives our bass traps that extra punch you will not get from inferior alternatives.

The bass traps are truly ground breaking and will not only introduce style and colour into your studio but will also give you the professional edge to take your audio content to a commercial level.

With a performance range right down to 65 Hz even your primary modes and other modes which give your room boom instead of bass will not escape these bass traps. Production rooms will not like the sight of these fellas.

Installing Acoustiflex bass traps will instantly improve the attack of your bass frequencies providing your with an accurate image of the sound your are actually creating.

Step up your game and power up your sound with these professional bass traps.

Available in bespoke colours subject to minimum quantity.

Dimensions: Each bass trap is 3ft x 2 ft x 100mm

Double Bass trapping

It is well known that bass waves terminate at corners and it is at these points that the build up of energy is most. Pro-coustix Acoustiflex bass traps provide a useful feature which allows you to double the absorption mass at the corners of your room without taking up too much space.

This is achieved by placing to panels flat  along the walls of your room so that they meet at the corner. Doing this provides you with a very effective mechanism for getting rid of bass modes.

Eliminate bass boom forever and tighten up your rooms response today.

Corner mounting

If you wish to have your bass traps straddle the corners of your room we recommend urchasing our fibre glass corner bass traps. Which have angled edges allowing them to fit snuggly into your corners.


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