Pro-coustix Kumi Fibre Glass Bass Trap Black

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Pro-coustix Kumi Fibre Glass Bass Trap Black
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This pack contains

Single Pro-coustix Kumi F96 Black Fabric covered professional broadband panels

Kumi F96 Fibre glass bass traps are a professional grade acoustic bass traps that will power through bass nodes in your mixing room, home theater, studio or listening room.
These high quality panels are made for industrial grade fibreglass with a density of 96K/m3 which is up to twice as dense as domestic fibre glass found in UK stores. This gives our bass traps that extra punch you will not get from inferior alternatives.

The bass traps are truly ground breaking and will not only introduce style and colour into your studio but will also give you the professional edge to take your audio content to a commercial level.

Unlike other substitutes these panels have resin hardened edges which drastically reduces the weight of these panels enabling you to easily mount them on your desired surface. Our flat and corner impalers (clips) will ensure you are able to mount these traps in no time.

With a performance range right down to 65 Hz even your primary modes and other modes which give your room boom instead of bass will not escape these bass traps. Production rooms will not like the sight of these fellas.

Installing Kumi f96 bass traps will instantly improve the attack of your bass frequencies providing your with an accurate image of the sound your are actually creating.

Step up your game and power up your sound with these professional bass traps.

Available in Black, Burgundy & Grey

Dimensions: Each bass trap is 3ft x 2 ft x 100mm

Double Bass trapping

It is well known that bass waves terminate at corners and it is at these points that the build up of energy is most. Pro-coustix Kumi F96 bass traps provide a useful feature which allows you to double the absorption mass at the corners of your room without taking up too much space.

This is achieved by placing to panels flat  along the walls of your room so that they meet at the corner. Doing this provides you with a very effective mechanism for getting rid of bass modes.

Eliminate bass boom forever and tighten up your rooms response today.

Mounting and placement

Single corner straddle mount

Mounting our bass traps onto your studio walls is made easier by the mounting clips which can be purchse separately These are available in angled corners and flat clips allowing you to place the bass traps in corners or along the wall.

It is essential to ensure that the bass traps are in the first instance placed as close as possible to the ceiling wall corners this is to ensure that they are able to soak up the energy of bass modes which build up in the corners.

To mount the bass traps with a pencil and rule placed at the top corner

  • Mark off 431mm along both edges of the wall at the corner in which you want to mount the bass trap
  • Draw a vertical line down to about 450mm
  • Mark off this point on either side of the bass trap
  • Place two angled mounting clips with the impalers facing upwards lined up against this line at the top quarter and bottom quarter mark of the bass traps (estimated) and mark off the holes you will need to drill
  • Using a 5mm bit drill drill holes into the marked points and insert rawl plugs
  • Place the mounting clip onto the holes and screw into position.
  • Ensure the impalers stick out by about 45 degrees you may need to extend them out using a pair of pliers.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Lift the bass trap so that it touches both walls and the ceiling and is aligned with the lines marked off earlier.
  • Push the bass trap against the impalers and press it firmly downwards.
  • This will allow the impalers get stuck into the fibres and anchor the bass trap onto the wall.
  • Check to ensure all the impalers are stuck into the fibre glass.
  • repeat for other corners.
Corner mounting clips available at £9.99 for a pack of 4, we recommend four clips per panel.

Double bass trapping

The same process can be carried out using the flat clips although because these have more impalers they tend to grip a lot stronger so rather than start mounting the bass traps by touching the corners and the walls we suggest you leave about half an inch. Impaling and moving the bass trap down should give you the additional movement to align the traps in your room.


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