Pro-coustix Ultraflex Acoustic foam Corner Corner Cube 300mm Single

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Pro-coustix Ultraflex Corner Cube
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Introducing Corner Bass Control like no other
It is a well known fact, that bass waves terminate in corners and is for this reason why the more absorption you can introduce to your corners or your room the more effective your control of bass modes that create unwanted bass boom and resonance in your studio will be.
Our Corner kits are specially assembled to do just that and pack a punch like no other assembly out there.  These will greatly improve your room's bass response and will result in tighter and punchier bass in your audio content.

Consists of 1x 300mm For use with our Ultraflex Bassblox Bass Traps  to create corner kits effective in dealing with room bass modes.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Height 300mm

Nominal density    25Kg/m3

Average NRC    1.0

Fire rating    UL94 HF1

Foam Type    Polyether foam

Uniform open cell structure

Colour - Dark Grey


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