Pro-coustix Acoustic foam Corner Treatment Kit Duo 6x Bass Traps 2x Corner Cubes

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Pro-coustix Corner Kit Duo
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Introducing Corner Bass Control like no other

It is a well known fact, that bass waves terminate in corners and is for this reason why the more absorption you can introduce to your corners or your room the more effective your control of bass modes that create unwanted bass boom and resonance in your studio will be.

Our Corner kits are specially assembled to do just that and pack a punch like no other assembly out there.  These will greatly improve your room's bass response and will result in tighter and punchier bass in your audio content.

Consists of 6x 300mm Ultraflex Bassblox Bass Traps & 2x 300mm Corner cubes.

Enough to treat two corners

Designed to perform

Using our trademark BassBlox profile for Deep Bass ControlTM (DBC) These bass traps have been designed to have deeper channels and longer projections to distort low end wave energy. The edges have been trimmed so that your bass trap stays in shape longer. No more flimsy angled edges! The back of the bass trap is angled off to leave an air column between the wall and the bass trap, this increases the performance of these traps as sound energy gets attenuated by the air gap.

Sized for flexibility

We recognise that today’s audio professional requires flexibility first and foremost which is why we are releasing these in  300 and 600mm high profiles . This means with a 4-pack of 300mm bass traps you could treat four studio corners or stack em up to treat just the front two corners.The unique profile used means that stacking three or more of these tiles creates an effective  a slat-like array of rectangular wells and projections reducing the creation of artificially enhanced frequencies, which occurs with other poorly profiled bass traps.

Priced for affordability

We’ve used our engineered Ultraflex foam for these bass traps which allows us provide you with a high performing bass trap without denting your pocket.


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