About Us

Hyped up acoustics is the UK’s premier dedicated acoustic treatment and pro audio solutions provider.  Over the years our expertise in acoustic treatment and our never ending quest to deliver great sound  has enabled us reinforce our place as leaders in this field.

Defined by a commitment to high performance, quality and competitive prices, Hyped up acoustics has earned its stripes from thousands of satisfied customers across the UK and globally. We are confident that we can help you deal with any acoustical problems in your homes, studios and offices.

Our vision is to become the number one destination for acoustic treatment and pro audio solutions for customers across the UK and we are committed to delivering this by ensuring we range only the best products and complement this range by our expert advice and support through out the process.

This means we will help you through out your journey from understanding what acoustical problems you are facing to  selecting the right products as well as guiding you on how best to install and use the products you purchase.

We are constantly looking to add new products to our range and welcome your feedback on any aspect of what we have to offer.
For any questions or advice please use the contact us form available here.