24 pack eXtreme Wedge acoustic foam tiles

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24 pack eXtreme Wedge acoustic foam tiles
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Introducing the next level in acoustic treatment
Pro-coustix eXtreme performance wedge acoustic foam panels are made from high quality polyester foam with a  uniform open cell structure. Manufactured to exacting British standards these tiles will take your sound to the next level. The “V” profile is designed to tackle those “hardier”  lower mid range frequencies which can otherwise prove troublesome to control.

If you are looking to upgrade the acoustic control in your studio  or room these tiles are just what you need, and are sold in packs of 8 & 16 providing enough tiles for you, whatever your requirement. These tiles are of the same quality and material as other top range branded tiles available at an affordable price.

Suitable for use in Recording Studios, Listening rooms, rehearsal rooms, media rooms, gymnasiums, churches, halls and any venue requiring improved sound control for vocal clarity and sound accuracy.

Features of these Pro-coustix eXtreme wedge panels

Consistent air flow resistance – The polyester acoustic foam used to produce these tiles is not only  is checked all the way through production to ensure that the uniform open cell structure is maintained right the way through the foam. This means you can be sure every tile in your pack is of the same high quality  and will perform just as well as the other.

Uniform open cell structure – The polyester foam used in these tiles unlike polyether  foams creates a structure of open cells that constitute a much higher percentage that most polyether foams. These millions of open cells structures trap oscillating air molecules in them resulting in greater sound absorption of waves from the lower mids to high frequency ranges.

Say goodbye to blow holes – These unsightly features are common in polyether foam panels and will be present  in greater number the poorer the quality of foam. Pro-coustix polyester foam doesn't contain any blow holes because of the consistent quality produced by our specialist foam UK based manufacturer.

Keep your tiles longer – Polyester foam takes longer to get discoloured when exposed to heat, ultraviolet rays which means you will have your tiles longer before needing to replace them, cheaper polyester tiles made from upholstery foam may be cheaper initially but will yellow quickly and look unsightly in your studio and need to be replaced (A false economy)

UL94 HF1 fire rating – These tiles are made from a foam that is certified UL94 HF1 and makes it suitable for use where this rating is required.

Technical Specifications
Size 305mm x 305mm x50mm
Profile 20mm base 30mm rise
1  pack covers 24ft2 
Polymer Type: Open cell polyester
Colour: Dark grey
Density: 32Kg/M3
Fire resistance: UL94 HF1  W/m.k
Acoustic absorption properties
0.36 @ 250Hz  1.01@ 2000KHz
NRC 0.75


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