Pro-coustix Melaflex Acoustic foam for Walls & Ceilings White 600mx600mm

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Pro-coustix Melamine Acoustic foam
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Melamine is a high performing acoustic foam that is not only resistant to acid and mildew but is extremely light. The unique 3D structure of this foam presents melamine with a unique ability to deliver high acoustic performance whilst remaining extremely light. Average density of our melamine tiles is 11kg/m3 which lends melamine foam well to ceiling and roof treatment where acoustic treatment can be retrospectively added to buildings with minimum loading on the ceiling structure.


Panel sheet size:

600mm x 600mm 


40mm. Beveled


11 kg/m

Tensile strength


Hardness (DIN 53577)

100 to 150 kPa

(40% deformation)


Thermal Conductivity (DIN 52612)

0.0032 to 0.0034 W/mK

Cell count

150/200 ppi

Toxicity (DIN 4102)

Class A2

Operating temperatures

0 to 220°C (continuous)

295°C (max. intermittent)

Pro-coustix Melaflex Foam Comforms to the following standards

Fire Tests BS 476:Part 6

Index 9.5 Pass

BS 476: Part 7

Class 1

UK Building Regulations

Class ‘0’

UL 94 Classification

94-V-0, HF1

DIN 4102

B1 Low flammability

Bespoke Shapes

Our advanced CNC capabilities ensure that we are able to deal with bespoke requirements and intricate shapes to fill your heart’s delight. Melamine foam is available in white and grey and in both a flexible and rigid composition giving your choice when it comes to choosing a solution that meets your requirements.

Factory spaces can become very noisy impacting on the welfare and productivity of staff. Noise bouncing off reflecting surfaces and untreated walls reverberate creating unwanted noise in your working environment. Installing block, panels or suitably shaped melamine foam fittings will see reflections and overall internal noise levels drop significantly.

Melamine foam is a Class 1 rated foam and will meet most requirements for public venues and commercial installations.


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