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Sound proofing Vs Sound treatment

Sound proofing Vs Sound treatment />
Noisy neighbours driving you crazy? Motor traffic getting on your nerves? Many customers come to us seeking products that will reduce noise in their rooms and houses only to be disappointed when we try to explain that our acoustic foam products are not sound proofing products and will not stop sound entering or leaving a room. So much so that I thought it would be useful to have a simple article explaining how it is we provide acoustic treatment products that do not sound proof rooms. read more

Getting the boom out of your room

Getting the boom out of your room />
Perhaps the most frequently encountered challenge faced by the home music producer is a studio which sounds "boomy". Poor acoustics which cause boomy rooms also present problems to the audiophile and the home cinema user and if untreated can create an unpleasant listening environment for the user. read more

Setting up your studio acoustics - a rule of thumb approach

Setting up your studio acoustics - a rule of thumb approach />
Chances are you haven't had much choice when it comes to deciding the structure of your studio. Like most urban artists you have probably ended up using a converted out building, garage or a room in your house as your studio.Nevertheless It is essential to understand how best to adapt the room, carefully position acoustic foam, and get your room sounding better. read more

Check out our competitive shipping rates to Europe

All orders from our website are shipped via Interlink express who offer delivery to UK and Europe. Currently we are only able to offer you delivery within 48 hours i.e. Order today- Dispatched tomorrow - Delivery the day after. read more

Professional acoustic treatment for your studio

Whether your studio is a purpose built room, garage conversion, spare room, an under the staircase hideaway or a corner in your room, acoustically treating your walls and surfaces will significantly increase the quality of sound you hear. The more help you can give your ears filter out unwanted reflections generated from sound bouncing all over your studio the more accurate your mix will be. It is for this reason that a decent set of monitors is a must for anyone thinking of taking music production beyond the bedroom. read more

Acoustic solutions for Industry

Factory spaces can become very noisy impacting on the welfare and productivity of staff. Noise bouncing off reflecting surfaces and untreated walls reverberate creating unwanted noise in your working environment. Installing block, panels or suitably shaped melamine foam fittings will see reflections and overall internal noise levels drop significantly. read more

Pro-coustix Monitor Isolation pads


Pro-coustix Isoflex Monitor Isolation pads manufactured to the highest British standards are designed to effectively decouple your monitors from any surface they are resting on. read more

Home cinemas and audio rooms


With a simple bit of stylish acoustic treatment in your lounge or audio visual room, you can significantly improve your audio visual experience. Sound waves bouncing off any flat surfaces and corners cause interference and "noise" to you the listener deteriorating the quality of sound you hear. read more

Acoustics for offices and business venues


Treating business offices and venues with the right type of acoustic products can significantly improve the ambience and sound quality of your investment. Poorly designed buildings render otherwise useful office space as completely unusable whilst poor acoustics in restaurants and other lifestyle venues will compromise the privacy of your customers read more

Acoustics in Schools and Educational Facilities


Interior acoustics plays a crucial role in class rooms and educational facilities where the transmission of the speech is required to occur with minimal distortion and loss. Class rooms that are poorly treated suffer from long reverberation times, flutter echoes and excessive reflections which impact on the audibility and clarity of the teacher’s voice whilst multiplying the noise level from students within the room. read more