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Pro-coustix Test Data


Pro-coustix Test Data />
We are proud to say all our acoustic treatment products are fully tested to international standards under the BS ISO 354:2003 standard for determining Sound Absorption Coefficient. Our tests were carried out by one of the best acoustical research laboratory in the UK – AIRO. As a UKAS accredited certified test provider we felt that the testing of our samples would be carried out in accordance with recognised procedures and standards. This ultimately means you get products that do what they say they do! Read on to see how well our products perform when compared to other brands. read more

Aerogels - Slim line acoustic treatment for studios?


Aerogels - Slim line acoustic treatment for studios? />
The manufacturers of aerogels have hailed it as a space age material that is super light and yet possess superior thermal and acoustic absorption properties compared to acoustic foam. When we first found out about aerogels we too were impressed by the said capabilities of this wonder material. We were intrigued and wondered if this was the future of studio acoustics and acoustic treatment. read more

Chosing the right acoustic foam for your studio

Chosing the right acoustic foam for your studio />
It is a well known fact that using acoustic foam in your studio will improve the sound quality of your studio. However with so many companies available selling acoustic foam it is easy to see why many producers venturing into acoustic treatment make the wrong decisions when looking for the right material to treat their rooms. This confusion is brought about by the fact that there are so many companies out there selling furniture foam passed off as acoustic foam. This foam is normally cheaper and is no wonder why every other question on our twitter feed is. “Why is acoustic foam so expensive?” read more

Pro-coustix (TM) - Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Pro-coustix (TM) - Acoustic Treatment Solutions />
Pro-coustix manufacture a range of acoustic foam products made from a high quality acoustic foam specially designed for acoustic treatment applications. Used in commercial, industrial and professional installations Pro-cousitx foam products have steadily gained the trust and reputation amongst professionals in the sector. Using Pro-coustix products will increase the clarity and accuracy of the sound you are capturing. read more