Acoustic solutions for Industry


Our range of specialist acoustic foams are ideally suited to use in environments subjected to tough environments.

Melamine foam

Melamine-foam-cell-structurMelamine is a high performing acoustic foam that is not only resistant to acid and mildew but is extremely light. The unique 3D structure of this foam presents melamine with a unique ability to deliver high acoustic performance whilst remaining extremely light. Average density of our melamine tiles is 11kg/m3 which lends melamine foam well to ceiling and roof treatment where acoustic treatment can be retrospectively added to buildings with minimum loading on the ceiling structure.

Our advanced CNC capabilities ensure that we are able to deal with bespoke requirements and intricate shapes to fill your heart’s delight. Melamine foam is available in white and grey and in both a flexible and rigid composition giving your choice when it comes to choosing a solution that meets your requirements.

Factory spaces can become very noisy impacting on the welfare and productivity of staff. Noise bouncing off reflecting surfaces and untreated walls reverberate creating unwanted noise in your working environment. Installing block, panels or suitably shaped melamine foam fittings will see reflections and overall internal noise levels drop significantly.

Melamine foam is a Class 1 rated foam and will meet most requirements for public venues and commercial installations.

Pro-coustix eXtreme foam

extreme-foam-cell-structureOur wide band foam boasts of an open cell structure that puts other foam imitation products to shame. Produced in a controlled environment and air resistance tested to ensure consistent quality block after block.  The certified UL 94 HF1 fire gives you the confidence of having a fire rated and acoustically tested foam that performs time after time.

Pro-coustix Isofoam

dynamic-stiffness-testOur range of specialist foam doesn’t stop at sound absorption but extends to our isolation products. Isofoam is a medium open cell foam with a high density of 65kg/m3 making it a superior choice for isolating equipment. The structure of this foam will instantly isolate machinery like pumps and other moving components preventing them from coupling with the surface  they are resting on and reducing structure borne sound transmission.

Isofoam is available in bespoke shapes and sizes.