Professional acoustic treatment for your studio


Whether your studio is a purpose built room, garage conversion, spare room, an under the staircase hideaway or a corner in your room, acoustically treating your walls and surfaces will significantly increase the quality of sound you hear. The more help you can give your ears filter out unwanted reflections generated from sound bouncing all over your studio the more accurate your mix will be. It is for this reason that a decent set of monitors is a must for anyone thinking of taking music production beyond the bedroom.

At Hyped up acoustics we know you want to get on with producing good music and media without worrying about racking up costs getting good quality acoustic treatment. We are dedicated to sourcing and providing music production enthusiasts with the very best quality acoustic products at very competitive prices. What's more we know that providing acoustic solutions is not just about providing products but ensuring we are here to support you through your efforts to control the reverberation and improve the quality of sound in your room.

We currently offer a range of pack sizesof our premier Sonarflex convoluted panels to suit your needs. What's better is all our front-studio-4smproducts bought through our online shop are cheaper than on ebay saving you money. We will be adding to this range so if you don't find what you are looking for why not subscribe to our news letter so that you know when new products are introduced to our range.

Buy with confidence

We are confident in the quality of the products we provide which is why we will offer you a full refund on any products you purchase up to 14 days after purchase. You will get a full refund if you are not happy with the product or change your mind for what ever reason. All we ask is that you pay for shipping the product back to us in it's original packaging and ensure that the products are unused.

Looking for friendly helpful advice?

Drop us a note or look out for our ever increasing collection of articles on how to make the most of your room. Over the years we have had customers with some interesting sound problems so you can be sure however bizarre your request is you are in the right place to get you along the way towards sorting out your acoustic problems.