Introducing Auralex - Global leaders in acoustic treatment solutions

Introducing  Auralex - Global leaders in acoustic treatment solutions />

The introduction of Auralex to our existing range sees us add a dash of colour to  the pro-coustix range with burgundy and purple wedge tiles and bass traps as well as pro grade isolation. We have also added Aurlex’s QRD diffusor an effective device in helping create great live recording spaces in your studio. Over the coming months we will be adding to this range as we work through the vast Auralex product catalogue to build a selection of their most effective acoustic treatment products.

Now you can benefit from an enhanced range whilst taking advantage of the professional and expert acoustic treatment advice Hyped up acoustics is know for to help you pick the right products for your studio or application.

We continue to work around the clock to expand our range of acoustic and pro audio solutions to maintain our place as the UK’s leading dedicated provider of acoustic treatment and pro audio solutions.

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For more information on Auralex and the great products they offer please visit their website here