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Pro-coustix (TM) - Acoustic Treatment Solutions />
pro-coustix-logo-transparenWelcome to the most exciting brand of acoustic solutions to launch in the UK. We unlike many providers specialise in acoustic treatment and acoustic control products. Our current range of products includes Acoustic foam Panels, Basstraps and Monitor isolation pads. Our sonarflex convoluted foam and sonarwedge tiles are made from a high quality polyether foam 30kg/m3. Whilst our professional extreme range is made for polyester foam, for applications seeking only the best in acoustic foam performance.

Pro-coustix Sonarflex Convoluted foam panels

Pro-coustix premier range of acoustic foam tiles are made from acoustic grade polyether PU foam. These tiles are like nothing in the market with their tight convoluted profile each tile has over 100 reflecting cones and dips -Twice as many as other inferior subsitutes passed off as acoustic foam tiles.

These tiles are heavier than competing tiles and are a dark grey colour as pictured. This colour lends itself well to studios where ligher foams will get dirty and discolour quicker.


Pro-coustix eXtreme wedge foam panels

These wedge tiles are the next level in acoustic foam treatment. Made from 32Kg/m3 is polyester acoustic foam these are the tiles professionals use. Think of any established brand of acoustic products and you will find they use polyester foam. Our acoustic foam used in this range has excellent sound absorption properties due to its uniform open cell structure and higher density.

The V profile offers a more contemporary cut whilst performing a functional role in deflecting incident waves.

These tiles will definitely help you control a broader range of frequencies and because they take longer to get discoloured will be money well spent.


Pro-coustix eXtreme bass traps

Part of the extreme range these bass traps are the first on the market that are just as comfortable in your studio as they are in your lounge. Made from high quality polyester acoustic foam the traps help you tame lower frequencies in your room.

The stylish look means you will be proud to show off your traps in your studio and rest in the confidence that the unique profile is getting to work on the upper low and mid range frequencies.

Stack these traps alternately and attain a very effective profile of wells and projections which absorb the energy of incident waves. Your room will benefit from a tigther base response and reduced boomy sound.


Pro-coustix Isoflex Monitor Isolation Pads

We only launched our interchangeable isolation pads in January and already they are the most popular Monitor pads on ebay. Our pads are made from high performance antivibration foam cut to a stricking profile featuring;

A split pad configuration 2 sets of 2 pads allowing larger speakers and horizonatl configurations
5 Speaker angles flat, +/-3o, +/- 6o.
High quality 65Kg/m3 antivibration foam
Round front edge to reduce reflections
Excellent Compression Load Deflection allowing them to carry speakers up 20Kg.


Studio Home Packs

We know that choosing the right combination and amount of products for your studio project or home theathre can be a confusing experience. That is why we have built combinations of packs to suit your requirements straight out of the box which means you can start producing great sounding music as soon as you get these.
We have produced a placement guide which can be used with these products to help you with getting maximum benefits from your studio packs. However if you still need any further help we are always on hand on 0800 048 8 627 to help with any queries you may have.

fibreglass-fabric-panelsShop Kumi F96 Bass Traps

Fabric covered fibre glass bass traps

Kumi F95 is a range of fabric covered fibre glass panel which will help tame room modes caused by unruly bass waves in small rooms. Our panels are made from high density 95kg/m3 fibreglass and and designed with resin hardened edges making them very rigid but at the same time significantly lighter that other hand made panels.

The light weight means they can easily be hung on ceiling, walls and corners without the need for heavy duty installation equipment. Boasting of an NRC of >1 from 150HZ these panels will certainly give your bass more attack and definition and will help you improve the portability of your sound.

All our materials are acoustically tested and the panels are lined with a micro light cloth to ensure they remain safe to use day in day out.

Dimensions 3'x2'x100mm

More great products to come We are working tirelessly to ensure that you have sound control products at your finger tips which is why we are continously exploring the market to ensure that we deliver products that serve your needs. If you don't find what you are looking for today why not send us a note or pop back later!